If you know that you need customers but unsure how to go about it?

Our Marketing & Business Consultancy services help you identify your target customer and find the best and most effective ways to market your product or service to them to deliver growth for your business.



Marketing & Business  Consultancy  



You`ll never know whether your business  will make the progress you feel it should. We help you to give  your business strategic direction and clearer expectations. The strategic action plan is the output which links goals with implementation (the “what, by whom and by when” component).


Is your business capable of doing just 5 things 5% better? You might be surprised by the impact of such action on the bottom line of the business. We work with clients to identify key business cost drivers, interrogate scope for their reduction then recommend and help implement actions for greater cost efficiency.

There are only three ways of growing a business organically – winning more customers, retaining more customers and persuading customers to spend more with you each year.



Areas examined include market and competitor analysis, customer needs, customer profiling, SWOT analysis, business/product/service positioning, sales proposition, product quality and pricing/profitability, customer engagement, customer acquisition, customer retention/satisfaction, customer lifetime valuation, communications, sales process and sales pipeline.

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